A big ‘ol thank you

25 May

Today is World MS day. I could write a blog about the struggles MS has brought to my life and how incredibly hard the last 13 years have been. But that would just be a bummer to read. So instead, today, I want to write a thank you note (like a good southern lady). 

Thank you to my mom and dad. They graciously let me stay with them and help me when Justin has to fly. Thank you especially to mom who helps me do basically everything! You’re the best! 

Thank you to my sister Amy, who comes and helps even when she has mr. Energy, Lukie to deal with. You have no idea how much it means to me!

Thank you to my mom’s friends, who stepped up, selflessly to help when mom was out of town and so was Justin. You show who Christ is in those moments. 

Thank you to my girlfriends, yall bring me joy by simply seeing you and getting much needed laughs! I love our girls nights so much!

Thank you to Sarah. MS is really hard and I don’t like bumming everyone out with what’s happening. But you. You allow (if not force) me to be truthful about what is happening and how in really feeling. You are awesome!

Thank you to my amazing husband! You knew what you signed up for. But things have become harder in the last four years. But you have never wavered. When I have bad days- physically or emotionally, you are there, loving me through every moment. When we got married, I thought I got the man who was everything I ever wanted. You are that times 10. I am so beyond thankful for you. 

To all my fb friends, thank you for your encouragement, funny posts and pictures! There are days when MS is a very solitary existence, and being allowed to join in yalls lives is really nice. 

I could say thank you to God, but I think this verse sums up my thoughts and thankfulness more than I could say:  

I am so blessed by the friends and family God has given me! That’s why today about yall, not just me! 


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